Duluth Fall Festival Concert 2013

Friday, September 14, 2013, was the Duluth Fall Festival Concert in beautiful Downtown Duluth. The Duluth Fall Festival is the largest fall festival in the southeast and happens on the last weekend of September every year. This is the 31st year for the Fall Festival. The Festival events start off with the Concert shown in this post. The night started with a great girl duo “The Skipperdees!” Really sweet girls and they were amazing musicians and singers! They will be at Eddie Owen’s Red Clay Theater on October 4th. The headliner tonight was “Ruppert’s Orchestra.” An awesome group that has been a favorite in Duluth for some time. The show was fabulous! If you are around Duluth, Georgia September 28-29, 2013, plan to come over to the Festival. You’ll be glad you did!!

The Festival of the Redeemer – Venice – Day 3

We had the amazing good fortune of being in Venice for the annual Festival of the Redeemer. In the 16th century 50,000 Venetians (1/3 of the population) died from the plague. In 1578, the survivors gave thanks for the grace afforded them by building a cathedral and creating the festival to remember their blessing. The festival begins with an amazing fireworks display over the Grand Canal on Saturday evening and a special mass is held on Sunday attended by the Patriarch of Venice and the people. The fireworks show lasted 40 minutes and practically everyone on the island gathered in boats and around the lagoon to watch. On the way back to the hotel we caught a glimpse of a calm, quiet canal at night.