Cozumel, Mexico


As part of our recent cruise, we took an excursion on the island of Cozumel. While most tourists seldom leave the dock shopping mall, we found wonderful surprises on our island tour. We started at a Mayan archeological site that showed how the Mayan’s used Cozumel island as a sacred place for weddings. There were temples, a ceremonial altar for the newlyweds, and even a purification sweat log for the brides.

We continued our tour to a beautiful rocky undeveloped beach where we played in the sand and surf. We learned that over 80% of Cozumel is jungle and only the perimeter of the island is inhabited.

We finished our tour at the Mayan Cacao Company and learned how the Mayan people used cacao and how it was and is made into wonderful chocolate today. Great excursion!