Exploring Paris – Ile de la Cite

Today we explored where Paris began – the Ile de la Cite – the island in the middle of the Seine River. We began by walking through the ancient streets and visiting Saint Chapelle. It was originally created as a private place of worship for the king and his household and while it is small in comparison to the great cathedrals of Europe it is very grand. The interior of the upper chapel is covered in stained glass windows depicting the stories of the Bible.

We then went to the great lady, the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is truly an impressive piece of architecture and a moving place of worship. The gardens surrounding the cathedral offer beautiful views of the building and inspiring meditation areas including a more recent statue of St. John Paul II. The interior of the cathedral is awe inspiring with the massive nave, beautiful Pieta at the main alter, wonderful stained glass and amazing small chapels surrounding the nave. We completed our day with a walk through the Latin Quarter.


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