New Orleans – Sites and Tours

We were fortunate to have stayed at the Place D’Armes Hotel right off Jackson Square. The location made getting around the French Quarter very easy. Our final day in New Orleans included a tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 with a Voodoo Priestess as our guide. It was most interesting hearing the history of the cemetery and the stories of those buried there. We also visited Louis Armstrong Park for some fresh perspectives on Armstrong’s contributions to New Orleans and music in general. We learned about Chief Tootie who was instrumental in changing the violent nature of Mardi Gras to one of pageantry and competition. The statue of the “2nd Line” celebrates the tradition of the New Orleans Jazz funeral procession. The “2nd Line follows the mourners to the funeral playing somber music and leaves the funeral playing music in celebration of the deceased’s life. The scenery in New Orleans is beautiful and there is always music in the square provided by excellent musicians. In New Orleans, the food is fabulous, the people are kind and the music is wonderful. We will definitely visit again.


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