Rome – Day 3

On our third day in Rome we visited the Church of San Clemente, the Colosseum, and the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum. San Clemente is an 11th century basilica built over a 4th century church which was built over a 1st century Roman temple. As a visitor, you descend into the past via exposed ruins under the church. The Colosseum is as impressive today as it was to the 1st century Romans who attended grotesque entertainment that would make today’s reality television seem tame by comparison. The complex of underground passages was covered by a wood floor and sand that absorbed the blood of the victims. The ruins of the Roman Forum is a cluttered mess of buildings that once was the pride of the Roman Empire. At the Temple of Vesta, virgins were tasked with maintaining a flame to protect the city. Our group said farewell with wonderful dinner that ended with a final espresso, which is a typical treat at the end of any Italian meal.


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