Venice – Day 3

Our third day in Venice was busy, warm and wonderful. Because we did so many things and I have so many wonderful pictures to share, I’ll be making several posts for this day. The above pictures were taken during our morning tour through the back streets and Campos (like a square) of Venice. The winged lion above is the symbol of Venice and is seen throughout the city.  The gondola has been used as a mode of transportation in the canals for over 500 years. However, the modern gondoliers use cell phones to book appointments. The bridge suspended over the canal is called the “Bridge of Sighs.” The bridge leads from the Doge’s (Ruler of Venice for centuries) Palace to the prison affording the prisoner a last look at Venice. There is a legend that says the name is derived from the trip Casanova made across the bridge laminating his lost loves, however, there is evidence that the name came from Lord Byron upon his visit to Venice. The last picture in this set sums up what Venice is like to me. Around every corner you will find peaceful scenes like this one with color, historic buildings, calm waters and more interesting things to see just around the bend in the canal. Hope you enjoy!


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